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By making the decision to self-publish my new book, I have consequentially made the decision to rely on my friends to help me get the word out.  I’ve created this page to help you help me.  Social networking is very powerful and with your help, my book should do just as well with a publisher as without.

For the record, Paul (my former publisher) from The Book Tree and I are still friends. He’s even consulted me on the business of publishing.

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One of the best things you can do to help me promote my book is to post information about the book using links to this website. If you take part in Facebook Groups that you think would be interested in this work, please spread the word there and share too.

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You can also help via Facebook by clicking LIKE on this page (on the right) and especially the website where the book is for sale. You may also wish to LIKE the official Facebook Page for, “The Vestibule”.


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I will update this page very soon with added links and information. Thank you for your help!